Debt Collection in the Netherlands

Peace of Mind Included

Collecting a debt from a company in the Netherlands does not have to be a difficult task. Our law firm in the Netherlands can pursue your Dutch debtors quickly and efficiently, ensuring you have maximum return at minimal cost. Our team is highly experience in the debt recovery process.

Here we will go through a few pointers that will assist you in understanding the debt recovery process and how we can help you recover your outstanding debts. We will go through this in three parts:

  • The Process of Debt Collection in the Netherlands
  • Collecting Your Debt in the Netherlands Through the Judicial Process
  • How We Can Help You Collect Your Debt in the Netherlands


The Process of Debt Collection in the Netherlands

The process of debt collection in the Netherlands jurisdiction goes through two phases: The extra-judicial phase and the judicial phase. The main difference between the two phases is that latter involves the courts which may result in rising costs.

Extra-Judicial Process 

This generally involves issuing written demands and follow up correspondences through phone and emails with the debtor. During this phase we pressure the debtor into yielding, and making the payment(s) required to satisfy your claim. As this process does not involve the courts, it is the cheapest and the quickest way to resolve issues of debt, and the majority of debt recovery claims in the Netherlands are resolved during this stage.

Judicial Process

In the event that the debtor does not make the requested payment with, it will become necessary to pursue legal proceedings. This may involve a civil procedure before the Dutch court or even bankruptcy proceedings. 

Before commencement of the proceedings, we will decide on the best way to get the required result. Together with the client we determine the right strategy how to collect the claim:

  • Investigation on assets / properties of the debtor (debt recovery investigation)
  • Prejudgment attachment / seizure on the assets of the debtor
  • Interlocutory proceedings with the Court
  • Proceedings on the merits with the Court
  • File for bankruptcy

So there are various ways to put pressure on the debtor. Once the best strategy is determined we will initiate the procedure and we will continue to work to reach the predefined goal. 

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